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Yesterday, the recommendation index of Xinjiang Yili River Valley was 9.5 points.


Phase 85: Yueyang Tower

phase 85: Y UE杨tower

Tickets: 70 yuan


Level: National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit


Yueyang Tower is located on the west gate of the ancient city of Yueyang City, Hunan Province. It overlooks Dongting and Junshan in front. It has the reputation of "Dongting Tianxia Water, Yueyang Tianxia Tower". It is also called "Jiangnan Three" along with Huanghe Tower in Wuhan, Hubei and Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Daming Building". In January 1988, it was designated by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection unit.

岳阳楼位于湖南省岳阳市古城西门。俯瞰前方的洞庭和君山。被誉为“洞庭天下水,岳阳天下塔”。它与湖北武汉的黄河塔和江西南昌的腾旺阁一起被称为“江南三号”。 1988年1月,被国务院指定为国家重点文物保护单位。

The main building of Yueyang Tower is 19.42 meters high, 14.54 meters deep and 17.42 meters wide. It has a three-story, four-pillar, cornice, helmet top and pure wood structure. The four nanmu gold pillars in the middle of the building run straight through the roof, and the surrounding surrounds are mortise and tenoned with each other with corridors, beams, rafters and purlins to form a whole.


Yueyang Tower is the only ancient building that maintains its original appearance among the three famous buildings. Its unique helmet top structure reflects the wisdom and wisdom of the ancient working people and the exquisite design and skills of skilled craftsmen. Fan Zhongyan's well-known "The Story of Yueyang Tower" in the Northern Song Dynasty made Yueyang Tower even more famous.


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