What Type of Fence Will Be Best for You?

Having a fence on your property has many uses. Whether it’s for protecting your children or pets from running into the street, sectioning off your pool area, or if you’re installing a fence for your business, there are many purposes for a fence. Not only do fences have different uses, but there are also many different building materials you can use. With anything in construction, there are many pros and cons about the different types of materials you could use to construct a fence. So which type of fence is best for you and your needs?

Wood Fencing

Wood is the most practical building material when deciding on what type of fence to build. Not only are there various types of wood like cedar, pine, or redwood, but they can also be customized by painting them whatever color you’d like. One of the primary reasons that wood is a popular building material for fences is because it gives the “All-American” home life feel. Another decision that will need to be made will be how tall you want your fence to be. If you live in an area where there are animals such as deer, or you want to give you and your family some privacy, a 6-foot tall fence is perfect. No matter what height you decide on, make sure to check in with your homeowner association to see if it’s legal to build a fence that high in your neighborhood.

Vinyl Fencing

Having a vinyl fence is great because, while it resembles wood, it doesn’t require as much maintenance.You won’t have to worry about replacing any deteriorated or broken panels like a wood fence or worry about your kids getting splinters. Although vinyl fencing is a bit more expensive, it lasts longer than a wood fence and you won’t have to repaint or restain it regularly to maintain its beauty. There are numerous ways you can customize your vinyl fence- with its sleek appearance you can paint it whatever color you want to match your home.

Aluminum and Chain Link Fencing

These two styles of fencing are primarily used for businesses, but they can also be installed at your home. Aluminum fencing is very sturdy and gives off a luxurious look that will have your neighbors envious. Unlike iron fencing, there isn’t as much maintenance needed, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit any home. Chain link fencing is both durable and affordable, perfect for any business that may be starting. They also give a secure and robust border between either your home or business from the public.

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